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Our specially designed practical program introduces aspiring wildlife photographers and videographers (especially, but not limited to, those interested in Underwater Photography as a career) the opportunity for practical training to enhance career prospects in these fields.

You will receive:

1.opportunities within various wildlife and underwater platforms to produce media portfolios for selected clients;

2.specialist training in underwater and wildlife photography and videography techniques, tuition in photographic and video post production; guidance into how to develop from an enthusiastic amateur level to a professional level, capable of producing professional work and making a paying career out of this niche (and historically closed and difficult) field of work.


Interns will be members of the FAUP team for the duration of the internship and expected to fulfill all duties at a professional level. We have developed a flexible training syllabus consisting of direct tutorship, practical photographic & video expeditions, work experience and optional additional courses.

Photographic and video expeditions: Interns will partake in six wildlife expeditions to a variety of FAUP clients, including wildlife game parks, animal sanctuaries and eco-tourism facilities for the collection of media material. In addition, interns will accompany marine research institute Oceans Research on four expeditions to photograph and video great white sharks, dolphins, benthic sharks and other marine wildlife, including whales (southern right whales) where possible and this is dependent on season and permit granting.

Underwater expeditions: Interns will partake in four underwater SCUBA expeditions. Two of these will be pool based and focus on techniques to photograph human models underwater. Two open water scuba expeditions will concentrate on photographing and videoing local marine wildlife.

Tutoring: Lectures/practical’s include: (a) Introduction to digital wildlife photography, (b) Successful shooting underwater, (c) shooting underwater videographer (d) Working with models and talent, (e) From enthusiastic amateur to professional photographer with a positive cash-flow

Work experience: interns will be guided in the post production, editing, catalogueing, selling of photographs and video whilst producing client portfolios consisting of photographs collected during photographic expeditions.


FAUP has developed an impressive list of partners and clients in the area. These clients offer their facilities as photographic platforms for FAUP photographers and interns:

  • Oceans Research
  • The Shark Lab
  • Jukani Predator Park
  • Garden Route Game Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

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